born in Rome, 1975.

After the Architecture Degree in Rome begins the experience abroad, doing fieldwork activities in the countries of Austral Africa, for the international cooperation of C.I.C.U.P.E. Program. Before the graduation his early photographic activities of reportage in critical environments and areas in Brazil and in the Sahara Desert.
Visiting Professor at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" School of Architecture, at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, adviser in the department ITACA (Technological Innovation of Architecture and Environmental Culture). Consulting and designing with the UN-Habitat Office since 2004, and in several projects in Europe and Africa during the following years.
Since the 2007 is in Netherland for the company NIO architecten, with which is still in partnership for the management of the italian affiliated firm. In the 2009 moves in New York for several months.

Researching of methods to analyse territories with environmental problems, and collaborate through the architectural composition and the visual and sensitive representation of the contemporary project to the management and the supervising during the worksite building.

Born in the analogic era.
I want that your eye move in these scenarios, trying to perceive what happened to that character or organism. Human or animal.
Story without beginning or end, where everything is chasing in a type of vortex.
The surprise, and not the description, is certainly at the basis of life and of my work.